Founder & Chairmen
Arfas Ashraf

My name is Arfas Ashraf. I am an evangelist. I have been an Evangelist since 2021 with a one-word mission statement revival, salvation, eternal life in the Lord. I am priority in life has been to learn how to host the Presence of God and minister to Him. The wisdom of God is to be displayed through the church, government, education, and the arts. I mostly like to share the words of God among the brick kiln slaves in Faisalabad. I am still single and serve my life on the commands of the God. In 2021 after becoming Evangelist. God gave me a new way to preach and help people. God blessed and taught me so I can start the Mercy on life ministry in Pakistan. On 9 March 2021 Mercy on life ministry starts their journey at a brick kiln in Faisalabad. Many people repented their sins because God had given them messages through me. Mercy on Life Ministry is a ministry that also focuses on providing essential support and services to disadvantaged and vulnerable individuals and communities. we are committed to helping those in need with necessities such as food, shelter, clothing, and medical care. our organization works to change people's lives through the gospel. The Mercy on Life Ministry team is made up of dedicated volunteers who strive to make a positive difference in people's lives. we are working on tirelessly to raise awareness about issues affecting marginalized populations and to mobilize resources to address these challenges effectively. Through worships services, education, and community outreach programs, we seek to empower people with knowledge and skills. Ours ministry operates with the belief that every person deserves to live a dignified life, with access to basic human needs, and the opportunity to pursue their dreams and aspirations. we welcome contributions from individuals and organizations who share their vision and values, and who want to make a tangible impact on the lives of others. Overall, Mercy on Life Ministry is an admirable charity organization that is dedicated to serving and uplifting communities in need. Our mission is to impart hope and inspire positive change in the lives of those we serve, and we have been successful in achieving this goal through their programs and every day in the name of holy the Lord

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